Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Rain, rain and more rain

Last night and today it has rained continuously. After breakfast my biped took ages to get ready for our walk. First she put on some socks, then shoes that stretched right up her legs, then a jacket with a hood and only then were we ready to go out! I just went as I was. The rain falling was great but the puddles in the field were just ace! The smells seem to be better in the rain but we didn't meet any other dogs or bipeds on our walk today. Even the bipeds that sail in the canal were absent. I wonder where they are? We came home and I got dried in my towel then had a rest after all that fun.

Just as I was eating my lunch a biped came to the door and presented me with a huge bag of food that should last for ages - I'm not going to be hungry for a while! The box it came in was great for chewing and playing with, until eventually it went in the green bin.


pollyski said...

Into recycling - that's good to hear. Pollyski

pollyski said...

Into recycling eh? That's good. Pollyski

Macdoodle said...

Hi Pollyski
Actually I would have doen the recycling myself but the biped used the green bin...........I still think my way is best