Sunday, 4 November 2007


We had a visit from a friend of my famale biped. She was called Pat and was such great fun.
After they had a chat and drank out of cups Pat sat down and played with me! She was energetic and I got so excited I jumped up on her can see so much more from these chairs! I guess I am too big to jump up on knees but the bipeds laughed as well as telling me to get off.
Last week at my doggy class I learned a new word.................STAY. I seem to have to sit or lie in one place while the biped walks away. WHY? If I do it right I get a nice treat so I am doing it right 'cause I like the treats.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mac
How are your doggy clases going? And how is your female biped doing getting along with her training? :-)))
You were a very good boy when we took you for a walk. Didn't that big black cat behave strangely, arching his back and hissing at you! You must come over and visit him again soon.