Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Questions answered

I have had a really interesting question asked - see comments on last post. Tiptree wants to know more about Labradoodles! I certainly get noticed when I am out with my bipeds. If you look back at my blog you will see that my Dad was a standard Poodle and my Mum was a labradoodle so I am three quarters Poodle and quarter Labrador. I have lots of poodle traits - I sit up really straight, don't over eat, love water but only to paddle in and my Labrador traits come out in my love of carrying sticks.

My birth place was Wentwood Kennels and the biped there was very knowledgeable about our breed and how I would turn out. I have changed a lot since my puppy days - see earlier pictures - and still have more development in the coat department to go apparently. You can contact my biped on her e mail for further information if you like. If you get a Labradoodle perhaps I could visit and give it some helpful advice?

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