Sunday, 28 March 2010

Hamish got it wrong....again!

In our garden we have an area to store logs and over the winter it has been covered by a blue cover - the bipeds call it a tarpaulin (I had to ask how to spell that!).
On morning Hamish and I were out playing around and he disappeared for a while then reappered with pieces of this blue cover in his mouth.
I know this was NOT GOOD so I stayed out fo the way when one of the bipeds came out to see where we were. Hamish proudly showed off his handywork by climbing inside one of the holes he had made with his sharp teeth.
Firm words were used like "bad dog" and stern looks were given. The bipeds talked about how the blue thing had come loose in the winter winds and they should have tied it up again. It was then all tidied up and put in the rubbish bin.
I think Hamish was quite proud of his work as he managed to create lots of chewed up pieces and lots of holes.
I can remember doing that with a blanket when I was his age so I suppose it is what we dogs do when we are young!

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