Thursday, 11 March 2010

Hamish the hooligan

It seems that I went through a 'difficult' stage in my development and now I am beginning to understand first hand what it feels like! Hamish is really pushing his luck with my good nature. Every time I go out in our field he wants to fight me, steal my toys, balls and sticks and any time I go to investigate a great smell or interesting noise - there he is - his cheeky face right beside me!

I am feeling quite threatened and it is annoying and at times distressing. Our bipeds do seem to understand and try to be firm with him but he just shrugs it off and goes and does it again! They tell me that I was the same but I am sure I wasn't as bad as this! He chews a lot of things - like the arm of a chair outside, my bedding, my balls and sticks, the bipeds washing and lots more. the books say it could be because he is bored but we play outside in all weathers throughout the day, our food is of a high quality with no chemicals added, we have lots of toys and get lots of practise to do tricks and 'good boy' behaviours so what more does he want?

The bipeds say he will calm down in a few months but he will make my hair go grey by then if he doesn't learn to behave.

I was listening to the moving picture box yesterday - what is an ASBO? does anyone think it would help him?

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