Thursday, 22 December 2016

RIP little brother xxxxxxxxx

My brother Hamish passed away last week and I am now in charge again of the humans in my family.
We had lots of fun together for 7 years and I am sure I will miss him a lot.
He looks very smart in this picture taken on his last birthday.
RIP little bro'

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

My brother is excited too!

Hamish is my half brother and he is very excited at the news of a new book by my female biped

                      We'll let you know when it is published and have promised not to chew it

Still here!!

                                         I am just as gorgeous as ever - just a little older!

I am now 9 years old and sometimes I feel it, but most of the time I am as fast as ever.

My ball skills are legendary and I could be such an asset as a fielder for the England Cricket Team (but bowling and batting could be a challenge!)

My female biped is very busy at the moment writing a book - all seems to happen in the office on the computer thingy.

It's all about finding your Mojo - 
I hope it involves finding a ball! or eating more food.
Got to go. Time for tea - yum

Sunday, 27 January 2013

It is a long time since I wrote here and a lot has happened.  My female biped has been very busy working and when she is away we have walks with another lady. She sometimes brings other dogs and we all go to the fields and the canal and run about having fun! My male biped looks after us very well at these times and it is great when we are all back together.
I developed a lump on my leg and the vet took it off when I was asleep.  You can see Hamish asking how I am in the picture.
I am now fully recovered and just as fast as ever!

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Dog show 2011

I have found out what all the excitement and planning was about! We are having lots of dogs to join us for a Dog Show! twig has come to stay as well so there are three of us dogs here. It is very busy but on the day I had a new handler. She is called Alice and we got on really well. I first met her at school when she was in the playground and we hit it off straight away. She entered me for some of the classes in the show and although I didn't win anything I felt great running across the ring with Alice.

New tricks

We are learning to jump through hoops. it is very easy as we have been jumping through gates for years but I think this is for something special.

I love doing this as I get a treat each time I do it right but sometimes I get so excited I just run round instead of through the hoops. Both Hamish and I are really good at jumping - it must be in our genes (whatever they are!)

Saturday, 9 April 2011

New friend

We had a visit recently from my female biped's son and his wife and they have a dog! He is a bright young chap.......just needed keeping in his place. His name is Twig and we all had a lot of fun in the garden. He stayed overnight with us and brought his own bed.