Thursday, 30 August 2007

I have now left my quadruped family at Wentwood Labradoodles and have joined a biped couple. They are called Andrew and Ann and are teaching me lots of new ways to behave.
It seems I have to go outside to the toilet - even in the rain!
They feed me nice food 3 times a day.
We meet most mornings when it is still dark and they seem very sleepy.
I go out to the toilet then settle down for a short nap before breakfast.
I play a lot with some great toys - some make a noise which excites me a lot
I rest a lot too and when I wake up my bipeds seem really pleased to see me.
If I please them with my behaviour they say "good boy" and I sit down and they give me a treat. It's really easy.
Sometimes I get it wrong - like nibbling the clothes or shoes they wear or play biting to show I'm in charge but they just say "no" and give me something else to do.
I think I want to be Top Dog so I will keep trying this.

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