Saturday, 1 September 2007

settling in

Life is so interesting! I have a play area in the eating area, kitchen and machine room (my bipeds put my sleeping blanket in one of the machines after a wee accident) and I scamper about about chasing my toys as well as my tail.
I am much braver about going out in the garden and I just love the plants! They are such fun to roll about in and they taste quite nice too.
Last night around 2am I called to my bipeds who were upstairs in an area I don't go to. One of them came to me and we went outside in the dark. I visited the stones area and then the earth area and after a little run around we went back inside to my cage/bedroom. I would have much preferred to run around and play but that didn't seem to be an option and the biped disappeared upstairs again. I called out for a little while then gave up and went back to sleep until it was time for breakfast.

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