Monday, 3 September 2007

Leaning on the fence, watching the bipeds go by

Hi everyone

I had hoped that someone would write to me. I still want to know about the legs on those fleas and worms. If I am a quadruped and my owners are bipeds what are they?

This is a picture of me looking into the room I am not allowed in to ...yet! When I first came here I wouldn't have dreamed of doing this but now I look so cool..................just leaning on the fence thing. When I stand like this I am 85cm tall.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mac
You really are growing fast, such a big boy leaning on that fence. I don't know how many legs fleas have, can't help there, but just wanted to say you look fantastic.

How clever you are to work out how to get the treats out of the new toy Andrew made you!