Sunday, 16 August 2009

I have a new brother!!!

Last week I went with my bipeds to Wentwood where I was born. When we arrived I met some old friends and my new brother. He is very small and has the same Dad as me but a different Mum. He is 12 weeks old, has sharp teeth and isn't always too fussy where he piddles!

I was not sure about him to begin with but I am getting to know him over the last week since he has been living with us and he is OK. We share the same place at night and during the day there is plenty of room for me to run about on my own or play with him. His name is Hamish and he is quite bright as he copies me when I sit, give a paw and lie down.

I have been sharing my toys with him and am really enjoying playing with some I had forgotten about.

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