Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Big Brother responsibilities

I haven't had a chance to blog recently as my time has been taken up with Hamish. I wasn't sure at first how it would all work out but everything is fine..............different..............but fine! He is quick learner so is good fun to teach. He used to eat very quickly but the bipeds put us in different rooms to eat and now he is more relaxed. Ithink he thought I would eat his food but.....I eat ADULT food and he gets PUPPY food so no contest.
While in the field we found the plum tree so I jumped up to make sure he could eat some but they seemed to upset his tummy and he had to get some medicine. He is OK now and all functions seem to work well. We go out for walks with the bipeds and he is good on the lead and good at returning when asked when we are off the lead. In fact I have to show I can be as good so the bipeds seem pleased.
Got to go and play with Hamish now..............................

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Sue Moore said...

Mac--I believe I met you walking along the canal with your biped in late October. I just wanted to give you the title of the book I mentioned, "The Art of Racing in the Rain." It's written by a dog and I think both of you would enjoy it immensely!!