Sunday, 24 February 2008

Dog/Biped School

I have been going to school with my bipeds now for 7 weeks and I thought it would be good to list my achievements. I find it really hard to concentrate in class as there are so many interesting dogs and bipeds. The Top Dog biped at the class is called Mary and she is really great! I will do most things she askes me to do because she really say it as it is. She has taught my bipeds to get me to : sit, stand, lie down, wait, stay, return a toy to their hand and walk to heel as well as sit at their side looking up. Haven't I learned a lot!

I still get very excited when I am out as I love meeting new dogs and new bipeds.

On Thursday I have an exam to see if I can do all the things I have learned so wish me and my bipeds luck!

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tiptree said...

Smart dog! If I were choosing a dog like you as a puppy, how whould I know for certain what it might look like when it grows up? Some labradoodles don't have such a curly coat or pronounced poodle face.