Friday, 11 April 2008

Digging the garden

I was watching my bipeds dig in the field recently, but I had to stay away and watch from a distance so the next time I was out in the house garden and they weren't looking - I did some myself. First I got rid of green plant things, then I found some bulbs and excavated them, then I got down to work using my nose and feet and soon I could fit my head into the trench I had dug.................pretty good eh?

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I am Harvey. said...

My best friend, Celia, pointed my primary care giver in the direction of your blog. You look just the perfect dog to have a house rabbit as a companion. I used to have my very own dog and we were great buddies. You could see us together on my blog. My lot would love to have a doodle like you but say they are too old. It's just an excuse really.

Kind regards

Harvey the House Rabbit.