Wednesday, 9 July 2008

I'm writing a book

Now that I am one I have decided that it is time to share my thoughts with the world. One of my bipeds is a staff and management trainer and I think I can shed some light on this subject so we have agreed to cooperate in a joint venture. I will provide the comments and she will add pictures................much the same as this blog really................ so should be quite easy..........I hope!

I notice a lot when I am out walking, running, jumping and sniffing and it all seems relevant to the way bipeds could work better together. We've got the first few pages started and I'll keep you up to date on the progress.

Apparently we need something called a publisher. My biped has already published one book but as this one is different we may need a different publisher so if anyone wants to publish my book, just let me know.

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Mac the Labradoodle said...

How is the book coming along? What is the name of your biped's book?
Hope you are having some spring weather and romps through the garden. I have been playing a lot of football with my boy. I am quite good. He hardly ever gets the ball past me!