Tuesday, 13 January 2009

A Labradoodle at the White House?

My biped told me that there may be a dog like me at an important place in America called the White House. The bipeds there are called Obama and have young bipeds who would love a dog like me. I find young bipeds great fun as they are so quick, sometimes noisy and great to play with just like some of my quadruped friends. Perhaps he or she could be my e friend?

Yesterday I had a great play in the fields with Dudley the black retreiver but he is a Top Dog and I spent a lot of time on my back in the mud! We rolled about together ad chased each other and I got really muddy but it was such fun. when I came home the bipeds got the big bath out and I had a great wash. I love the shake afterwards!

I am sure Mr Obama's dog will have lots of fun like that too - go for it Mr Obama!


Sam said...

Hi Mac,

You get around a bit there boy !

Glad to see you found a nice place to pose for a pic!


Mac the Labradoodle said...

I, too, am Mac the Labradoodle!!! I also write a blog,but it's new so there are not yet any postings. There are, however, a couple of pics, so drop by for a visit and maybe subscribe so we can trade stories.
I have heard that the Obamas are also considering a Portuguese Water Dog. So keep your paws crossed that they make the "right" choice!
Love that you got to roll in the mud. I, too, love wet stuff but my mom would never allow the mud thing, so I'll live it through you!
Hope to hear from you!