Thursday, 13 September 2007

Puppy Party!

I was taken out in the car in my cage to the Vet's place and there I met lots of other puppies. We were all a bit nervous but quickly got communicating, I sniffed, barked, looked and sometimes ran away to sit with my bipeds. After a while we were let off our leads and it was a free for all. It got quite busy for a while then we all got on quite well.

My bipeds were talking to a 'boss' biped who seemed to know a lot about dogs and she showed them how to stop me jumping up when I meet people. It was quite good because when I did it 'right' I got a nice treat - seems reasonable.

When we returned home they tried out this new idea and seemed pleased with the results.
Today I have been let out in the field without a lead and it was wonderful! I ran about a lot and then played with a ball for a while.......................brilliant!

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