Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Settling into a routine

I seem to be getting better at sleeping all night. I usually waken around 5.30 but don't make much noise till around 6.30 when I need to rush outside and visit the bushes. I have breakfast around 7.15 and ply until all the bipeds have eaten, washed and all the things they seem to do. I go our with one or both bipeds for a walk around 8.
These walks are great! Recently I met a big white poodle just like my Dad (see picture) - he was brilliant. I met lots of other interesting dogs - a brown labrador - great fun to play with, a very noisy and quite agressive small terrier and a lovely gentle retreiver. My biped tells me all their names and I am looking forward to meeting someone like me.
Tonight I'm going out to meet lots of puppies at a party! Maybe one or two will be labradoodles?
I'll tell you all about that tomorrow!

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