Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Fright and Flight

Today I was out walking with my biped and was off the lead running along the side of the Grand Union Canal. There were the usual ducks, moor hens, canal boats and great sniffs. We passed my three Jack Russel friends an dturned back after about a mile. On the way back I needed a drink so, as usual, I went towards the canal but I misjudged my speed and slid into the canal.......headfirst! I may be part labrador but the poodle part of me is strong and I prefer to just get my feet wet! I paddled to the edge and tried to get out but had to be unceremoniously helped out by my collar. Frankly it was quite traumatic and I just stood stock still at the side of the canal for a moment or two before having a good shake. There was a pounding in my chest which according to my biped is my heart working very fast. I then felt I had to career back and forward very fast along the bank to get everything working again at the right speed! After three or four very fast runs up and down I had another shake and was back to normal.

Apparently this behaviour is part of a primeval body response when you get a shock or surprise.

I had quite a surprise when I fell in the water and responded by running (flight). The other option is to fight but there was no one to fight with!

My biped is very interested in all this inside body working stuff and likes to explain it to me. I'm just glad no one else saw me fall in...................embarassing!!

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