Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Taking a break

This week I have been out in the car with my female biped. She went to a meeting and I got to inspect the area around the meeting place. Nice grass, a great smelling tree, interesting shrubs a pleasant brook and a bin for poo. This meeting was near one of these roads where cars and lorries go very fast and all in the same direction. I believe they are called Service Stations and the dog walking area was really excellent.
This got me thinking that perhaps I should start a guide for bipeds (since most dogs can't read) of the best and worst Service Stations in the UK.
I know that my bipeds have star ratings for Service Stations on these fast roads as we often pass some and have preferred stops so I think dogs should have preferred stops too.
Perhaps some dogs/owners would like to share their expereinces and we could pool our knowledge and create 'A Dogs' Guide to Service Stations and other travelling stops'.

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