Monday, 12 July 2010

Dog Show!

Now i know what is was all about - we hosted a Fun Dog Show! All the dogs in the village and even some form a distance came to our field and were judged for waggiest tails, cutest puppy, oldest dog (17 amazing and still got all her teeth!), longest tongue, cutest ears etc..........
The judge was my great friend Linda who has me for holidays and cuts my hair,
Hamish and I were looked after my another friend while the bipeds helped with the arrangements. We weren't allowed to be judged as we were host dogs but we got a medal for being the hosts.......another one for the trophy cabinet.
Afterwards we walked around the village to see more scarecrows and some were very unusual - up on chimneys, over doors and sitting in wheelbarrows.
It was a great day and we got a packet of treats each just for being there......another result!
Now everything that came out to go in the field has to go away again - something called tidying up and Hamish and I always seem to be in the way.

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Mac the Labradoodle said...

Very, very fun day!!! I, too, was in a neighborhood dog show this summer. I won the "Best Trick"!
My mom says, "Bang! Bang!" and I fall down dead.... but jump up all waggy afterwards!