Wednesday, 3 November 2010

National Stress Awareness day

I haven't been able to get near the computer for some time as my female biped has been soooooo busy on the computer. She keeps talking about National Stress Awareness Day which I believe is today so hopefully she will be less busy after today! She was speaking on radio 1 extra this morning and it was wierd hearing her speaking form a box in the room but she wasn't there with us!

All her colleagues throughout the country see to be busy letting people know about how to regain some control in their lives and feel good inside................I feel good inside most of the time....especially when there is extra chicken for my meal and lovely long walks with my is good!

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Mac the Labradoodle said...

My favorite stress-reliever is when I get to walk down by the river. It is so peaceful and quiet there. The trail is long and I get to run free without a leash... as long as there are no others people and dogs walking near and as long as I obey all the commands.
Happy day to you!
Mac the Labradoodle (America)